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Translate genetic data into drug discoveries

Neurodegenerative diseases represent one of the most significant challenges of our time. The growing aging population, coupled with the lack of effective treatments, has led to a rising prevalence of neurodegeneration on a global scale. My research focuses on using data-driven approaches to facilitate preventive and therapeutic interventions for neurodegeneration while improving our understanding of these diseases.

“My laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach that combines computational and experimental laboratory techniques. I use genetics, transcriptomics, and drug perturbations from disease-relevant cell types to prioritize potential drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Then, computationally nominated drugs are validated in induce pluripotent cell-(iPSC) derived models of these diseases”.

Sara Saez Atienzar

Assistant Professor

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We are always looking for motivated scientists with a passion for Neurodegeneration.

If you want to join our mission, contact us at sara.saezatienzar@osumc.edu. All career stages are welcome (undergraduate, graduate, postdoc,…)


The Saez-Atienzar Lab supports individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and first-generation students. Our lab’s success strongly relies on the diversity of its scientists and the varied perspectives, experiences, and ideas they bring. We welcome individuals regardless of national origin, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. 

 Image by David Blum, NIH Medical Arts